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It is time your social media channels stepped up to add real value to your business?

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Making social media work harder for small business

Do your social media channels connect you directly with your target customers? Do they show your business at its best? Do they generate sales leads or bring you customers? Here are some of the ways we can help you achieve all this and more.

01. strategy

Concerned that social media can cost you time and money to not much effect? A clear, actionable strategy will target the right audience, setting out where and when to find them on social platforms. It will reflect your company’s personality and values, and use a tone of voice that suits your business.  It will complement your other marketing materials and methods and set measurable goals.

02. being sociable

Becoming a sociable brand makes all the difference. Social media is exactly that – social! Engaging with and relating directly to your potential customers and relevant collaborators is what turns good content into great social marketing. We can take care of this for you – or train your team to do a fantastic job of creating genuine leads on social media.

03. content

If, like many small and medium-size businesses, you don’t have the time or budget to keep creating expensive content, we will devise a content plan that’s both practical and manageable. Engaging content will show your target customers that you understand their interests and needs, creating genuine connections  – and making them, in turn, take an interest in you.

04. testing & responding

Do you feel that social media changes too fast for you to keep up? Staying on top of algorithm changes and trends – and reacting accordingly –  will keep you in front of your target audience. We can manage your channels and report back; provide training so that you can monitor your own activity accurately; or provide regular audits to help you stay on track.

solving the social media puzzle

Do you know which social media platforms are best for your business? Do you know who your target customers are and where and when to find them online? Can you see what’s working well (or not so well) and how to make it better? At Wordstar we clear a path through the social media jungle and build your steps to success. 

why Social Media matters

 Only half of small businesses use social media daily as part of their marketing strategy, but 83% of UK adults use at least one platform – and for many, finding out about products and services is a key reason for going online. Isn’t it time you stepped up on social?

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Wordstar offers a range of packages specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies – but if you don’t see exactly what you need here, don’t be afraid to ask. We’ll happily tailor our services to provide what’s best for your business.

Social Media Audit & competitor review

Feel you aren't getting the results you want from your social media channels? We provide actionable advice you can use to run your channels more effectively. We take an overview of your own and your competitors' social media activity, identifying strengths and weaknesses, then provide a written report with analysis and recommendations, along with a meeting, phone call or Skype chat to answer your questions.

& kickstart

Without a clear strategy you could be wasting time, money and opportunities. Our strategy service includes: social media audit; guidance on platforms to use and how to optimise them; developing user personas; devising a content strategy; optimum times and frequency of posting; key hashtags; a list of influencers to engage with. Our Kickstart package adds four to eight weeks' social media management to show the strategy in action.

professional management

Too busy running your business to keep on top of social media? We can take on the day-to-day work of running and growing your social media presence. Includes: posting to an agreed schedule; agreed content creation; sourcing relevant, high-quality third-party content; engaging with followers and your target audience; engaging with key influencers; weekly update email and call; monthly reporting and analysis. Blogging on request.

training & workshops

Training can be tailored to help you use social media more strategically as part of your marketing mix. You can book one-to-one training or seminars for key staff - or join one of our workshops. Some are tailored for solo entrepreneurs and consultants, others tailored to small to medium-size business owners and staff.

Blogging & content

Writing articles and blogs is one of our favourite things to do! If you would like us to provide copy for your website blog page, to share on social media or to send out with your marketing emails - let's talk! We have extensive experience of writing for print media, websites and social media for businesses large and small.

social advertising

Paid social enables you to pinpoint your target customers with precision. It is also surprisingly inexpensive when compared to traditional forms of advertising. Best of all, it's easy to track so you know how well your ads are working. It's vital to be strategic, testing, refining and optimising your ads to get the right result